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In addition to our manufacturing and regrinding capabilities we are also a distributor for a number of reputable cutting tool, inspection equipment, work holding and tool holding manufacturers in the industry.  Our inside sales and customer service team will promptly assist with any orders or quotes and offer technical assistance if needed. 

Some of the types of tooling or industrial supplies include but are not limited to:

  • End Mills – Carbide, HSS, HSCO Cobalt, Powdered Metal
  • Micro End Mills
  • Thread Mills
  • Chamfer Mills
  • Drill Mills
  • Milling Cutters
  • Keyseat Cutters
  • Milling inserts
  • Milling Holders
  • Special Carbide Cutters to print
  • Concave Radius Cutter
  • Corner Rounding Cutters
  • Dovetail Cutters
  • Engraving Cutters
  • Runner Cutters
  • Form Cutters
  • Drills, Carbide, HSS, HSCO Cobalt
  • Drills, Coolant thru
  • Spot Drills
  • Countersinks & Combination Drills
  • Counterbores
  • Reamers
  • Burs
  • Taps
  • Dies
  • Boring Bars & Tool
  • Threading Tools
  • Turning Inserts
  • Tool Holding
  • Work Holding
  • Saws
  • Measuring Instruments
  • Thread Gages
  • Pin gages
  • Lighting
  • Coating Services

Below is a list of the companies we distribute for to provide complete solutions to any cutting, inspection, work holding and tool holding needs.

Schunk– Manufacturer of pneumatic griping systems, hydraulic griping systems, linear systems, robot accessories, custom griping systems for automation, tool holding and work holding

OSG – Manufacturer of Taps, End Mills, Drills, and Indexable Cutting tools. OSG’s extensive line of high technology cutting tools features exclusive metallurgy, cutting geometries and proprietary surface treatments to help increase productivity, reliability and tool life

PCT – Specializes in the production of high-quality and high-performance cutting tools, quick turnaround specials to print. Full line of carbide high performance Drills and End Mills

Fullerton Tool Co. – Specializes in the design and production of solid carbide cutting tools for a wide variety of industries. They manufacture high quality End Mills, Drills, Reamers, Burrs, Saws, Keyseat Cutters, and Custom Tooling.

Piranha – Cutting tool manufacturer with a high precision/performance ratio to improve the efficiency of various machining applications. They continuously perform machining performance tests in order to provide the best tools and support needed for the widest variety of processes and materials, and thus offer customized, optimal solutions for all levels of application. 

Microcut – Specializes in miniature and micro special application cutting tools

HPI Pioneer – Tool holders and other products at competitive prices so that our customers can stay abreast in an ever-changing and competitive world. Products include Mill Chucks, ER Collet Chucks, End Mill Holders, Tap Holders, Shrink Fit Holders, Hydraulic Holders, Collets, Shell Mill Holder and Rotary Tables

KEO – Manufacturer of Combined Drills and Countersinks in Plain Type, Radius Type and Bell Type, Centering Drills, Center Reamers, Dovetail Cutters, NC spotting drills, T-Slot Milling Cutters with Flats, Keyseat Cutters, Miniature Cobalt and High-Speed Steel End Mills and Carbide End Mills

Micro 100 – Exceptional quality turning tools designed for durability and performance in a range of difficult-to-machine materials

Moon Cutter – Manufacturer of Milling Cutters, Keyseat Cutters, and Saws, Quick turnaround Specials

Balax – Thredfloers, Threadshavers, Thread Gages.  Manufacture premium Forming taps, Cutting taps, and Thread Gages.

Vermont Gage – Gage Pins and Sets, Taper lock Gages, Ring Gages, and Thread Ring Gages 

Internal Tool – Specializing in carbide lathe and milling tools.  Boring tools, Grooving Tools, Profiling tools, Threading Tools, Backspot Facers, Dovetail Cutters, Engraving Tools, Mold Cutters, Specials to print. 

YG1 – Cutting tool manufacturer with a full line of quality reasonably priced Drills, Taps, End Mills, Spade Drills, and Rotary Tools

RobbJack – Manufacturer of Solid Carbide End Mills with the closest tolerances available for CNC milling equipment. Manufacturer of solid carbide slitting saws and PCD diamond-tipped routers, PVD coating

Crystallume – Solving difficult machining problems with CVD diamond cutting tool technology. The sharpest cutting edge available in diamond coated cutting tools. 

Regal Cutting Tools – Quick turnaround Special Taps, Drills, End Mills, Dies, Gages and Custom cutting tools for machining.

North American Tool -Manufactures Special Taps, Dies, Gages, Threadmills

K-Tool Inc. – Your Best Choice for Indexable Tooling … Combine that with industry leading turnaround time on special tools and with quality tooling that is second to none

Arno Werkzeuge – Carbide Inserts & Tool holders for Turning, Grooving, Groove-Turning, Parting-off, Swiss-auto lathes, Milling & Drilling applications

DrillCo Cutting Tools – Complete selection of domestic and imported metal cutting tools including: Drills, Taps, Dies, Reamers, Burs, Annular Cutters, End Mills, Masonry Drills, Countersinks and much more.

Lyndex Nikken -Supplies high-quality Rotary Tables, Static and Live Tools, Angle Heads and Tool holders

CJT Koolcarb – Industrial solid carbide, Carbide Tipped, Diamond Tipped, Coolant Fed & Non-coolant fed Drills, Reamers & End Mills

Lexington Cutter – Carbide-Tipped & solid carbide cutting tools, including Drills, Reamers, End Mills, Counterbores, Milling Cutters, Slitting Saws, Keyseats, Dovetails, T-Slots, Face Mills & Single Points

Gaylee Saws – Manufacturer of industrial Carbide, Carbide Tipped, and High-Speed Steel Saws and Cutters

Waldmann – Lighting for applications in the Industrial, Architectural and Medical fields

Fowler – Leading suppliers of high-quality inspection, leveling, control and calibration equipment. 

AB Tools – High performance rotary cutting tools. Picatinny Rail Cutters, Chamfer mills. Dovetail Cutters, Corner Rounders, Form Cutters, Key Cutters, Quick turnaround specials to print. 

Advent Tool – Manufacturer of Thread and Form Milling Products, Inserted Thread Mills & Custom Form Mills

F & D Tool – Specializing in Milling Cutters, Key Cutters, Reamers, Gear Cutters, End Mills, Drills, Taps, Dies, Counterbores, Saws and Broaches.

HTC Tool – Cutter- Full line of Carbide and Hss endmills, Burrs, Reamers and Countersinks.  Quick turnaround Specials to print.

JM Performance Products – Retention Knobs, High Torque Retention Knobs, Sockets and Torque Wrenches, Taper Shank Test fixtures, Clamp Force Gage, Spindle Cleaners and Tool Setters.  

Loc-Line – Coolant delivery hoses. 

Mastercut Tool – Manufacturer of Solid Carbide Endmills, Burs, Routers, Drills, Coated Tooling, High Performance Endmills, Ultra Performance Endmills

Richards Micro Tool -Miniature Cutting Tool Manufacturer 

Southern Carbide – Carbide Slitting Saws, Jewelers Saws, Burrs, Key Cutters, Woodruff Cutters

Triangle Reamer -Manufacturing HSS and Cobalt Reamers. Specialty Reamers and Standards with 24 hour Service

Widdell – Manufacturer of Special Taps, Dies, and Gages. Supplier of ACME Threading Tools. High Speed Steel, Cobalt, Taper, Plug, Bottom, Fluteless, or Spiral Flute Taps

Whitney Tool – Manufacturer of Woodruff style +A1:A38slotting and Keyseat Milling Cutters as well as Counterbores, Counterbore Pilots, T-Slot, Dovetails and other specialty Milling Cutters including Combined Drills and Countersinks

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